Ceramic large deep serving bowl

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Beautiful ceramic large deep serving bowl handmade and painted 24x12cm

This is beautiful handmade and painted ceramic deep bowl it’s very good for serving salads , fruits any cooked food and to prepare any bakery. This bowl it’s safe dishwasher and microwave and well done and painted

Our pottery is produced in traditional workshops by expert artisans with decades of experience in the art .
The pottery culture in Tunisia is as ancient as the first traces of humans in this land. For centuries, Berber tribes have used terracotta jars to store and preserve wheat, lentils, dates and olive oil. Hand made and hand decorated, pottery art is indeed deeply rooted into Tunisian traditions and is still a part of daily lives. With many different influences, each region of Tunisia has developed its own style and its own identity Maraboutique provides you with the best of Tunisian ancestral/millennium pottery culture through authentic yet modern products.


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Ceramic bowl for saladCeramic large deep serving bowl
Original price was: $ 32,00.Current price is: $ 27,00.
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