About us

In Tunisian jargon, the word “Edayetna” means “our hands” or “our little hands”.
This colloquial term is generally used when talking about beautiful creations, good things made with love and care by our hands, those of Tunisian women and men who love their manual trades, and make and produce quality products with passion and love.

Everything you will find on our website is “Sanaet Edayetna”, that is to say “the creation of our hands”, those of Tunisian women and men of course, who are proud of their Tunisian origins, are rich in the culture of this beautiful land and its history and heritage, and above all who are creative and talented when it comes to creating amazing handicrafts full of beauty and charm. And it is precisely these high quality crafts that you will find on our website.
Edayetna is the new ecommerce platform promoting Tunisian artisans and creators and their handmade products, all over the world.
The website is a kind of an online fair.

Edayetna is a platform for :

  • Tunisian craftsmen and artisans
  • Traders of handicraft products,
  • artists and creators (painters, sculptors, etc.)
  • producers and distributors of organic and local Tunisian products.

Everyone can have their own shop on Edayetna where they can present their brands and products, and get in direct contact with buyers of handmade products from all over the world.

No matter if you write it Edayatna, Idayatna or Idayetna… You’ll always find us.

Edayetna is B2B and B2C platform. It’s created by Tunisian hands, to promote the beautiful things created by Tunisian hands. A website whose founders love Tunisia handmade and believe in the social and solidarity economy as a fair, sustainable and profitable economic model.

Join us. Create your shop now and open new horizons.

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